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8 Things You Should Know Before Choosing the Best Dehumidifier Garage UK

  • 20 Jul 2022

If you are struggling with mould and dampness in your garage, you are not alone. Over 50% of UK homes own garages, and they too struggle with the problem of finding a suitable humidity control solution, especially the problem of how to reduce humidity in a detached garage.

Fortunately, the best dehumidifier Garage UK will keep your garage well ventilated and prevent common issues such as dampness and mould. If you are in the market for a portable garage dehumidifier, there are a couple of things to consider and ensure you get the best unit for your money.

 Morris basement dehumidifier 20L

How does humidity find its way into your garage?

Here are a few ways humidity gets into your garage;

  • Humidity is likely to get in if your garage door is not properly insulated. You will notice condensation on walls, floor, and surfaces. 
  • If your washer or dryer is installed in the garage, it will also contribute to high humidity in the space. 
  • A garage door that is not weather-sealed will also let in moisture during rainy, snowy, or highly humid months. 
  • Storage items like cardboard boxes absorb moisture and develop a musty odour in your garage
  • If the floor drain in your garage is clogged, water-logging will be the reason behind the increased humidity. 
  • Garages that are fitted with epoxy floors do trap moisture beneath the impermeable layer. This can be a source of moisture too. 
  • Storing damp logs in your garage also contributed to moisture. 

High humidity can be a big problem when left uncontrolled. For areas like the garage where air circulation is not the best, increased relative humidity will likely damage your property, especially metal and electronic appliances stored in your garage. Since most garages don't have a central heating solution, they end up being damp and mouldy in cold Winters and warm Summers.

Which dehumidifier is best for the garage UK?

Your garage is more than just a place you store things and forget. It is where you store your handy tools, collectables, and, for car enthusiasts, your prized vintage car. Allowing high humidity to set in your garage can wreak havoc on your precious items.

Morris basement dehumidifier to avoid the tools to rust 

If left unchecked, high humidity can;

● Cause your tools to rust if moisture settles on them for long. Even stainless steel options have a limit.

● Damage the electronic components of your appliances. Even for weather-sealed appliances, moisture gets inside the component through indoor air and damages the circuitry

● Ruin your car’s interior by ruining your car’s upholstery and making the interior smell musty

● Cause the components of your car, van or motorhome to rust and ruin the motor operations.

● Break down the lubrication on vehicle or machine parts, causing malfunctions

● Ruin your items stored in cardboard boxes or wrapped in paper and fabric


A dehumidifier is necessary for your garage to prevent all of the above problems from happening.


Do I need a dehumidifier in my garage?

A dehumidifier in your garage is necessary, especially if you live in a highly humid environment. Relative humidity in your garage should always be between the optimal range of 30% and 50%. Any reading higher than 50% means you have high humidity, and a reading below 30% shows your indoor air is too dry.

Morris dehumidifier ideal humidity levels in your garage

A garage can be difficult to ventilate, especially if it is detached from the rest of your house. Since your main air conditioning unit is unable to circulate cool air to this area, it leaves the garage prone to high humidity and dampness. Increased moisture in the air can be a hazard to your health and property.  

One way to know if you have a humidity problem in your garage is increased dampness. The air will feel sticky to your skin, especially in hot, humid months. You may also notice a musty lingering smell, which is a sign that you have mould in your garage.

Before you go out to buy a dehumidifier for garage, find out where the dampness is coming from. If your garage is not well insulated, moisture can seep through the floors and walls. You may notice condensation on your walls and floor as a result.

Mould is the second sign that you need to properly ventilate your garage. A health inspector can help assess your home and determine if your mould problem poses a health risk. However, better safe than sorry-getting a dehumidifier for garage helps reduce air moisture and circulate fresh air through the room. This will reduce the humidity and mould problem, therefore improving indoor air quality.

Do not ignore the high humidity in your garage. Besides risking your health, you also risk losing your tools, stored items, or electronics to rust.


What size dehumidifier?

A good-sized dehumidifier should be compact enough to fit wherever you place it, even when using it as a dehumidifier for a caravan. Other things to note besides the size include;

● Unit capacity

● Energy usage

● Noise level

● Portability

● Easy to operate

● Drainage

● Air filtration

● Pricing


1. Unit Capacity

The capacity of the dehumidifier determines whether it is fit for controlling humidity in your garage, or any other room you intend to use it in. If you are going for a portable dehumidifier, check if its inbuilt tank is large enough to control the amount of humidity in your garage. For instance, a 20L portable dehumidifier is big enough to control humidity in your garage for up to 12 hours. It can also be used as a van dehumidifier for when you store your camper van away for the winter.

2. Energy usage

If you will be controlling indoor humidity for up to 12 hours, you need a dehumidifier garage UK unit that can do so while consuming less power. This also applies if you are looking for a dehumidifier for double garage dehumidification. A unit that only uses 378 watts of energy to keep your tools or car rust-free is a good choice. In addition, choose a modern dehumidifier with smart features that can help save energy more on than later.

3. Noise level

For a garage that is also your hobbyist room, the last thing you want is a noisy dehumidifier humming in the background. All dehumidifiers have a noise level rating. A 12L garage dehumidifier with a noise rating of 36dB would be quiet enough to control humidity in your garage without interrupting the soothing background music while you indulge in some painting.

Morris quiet basement entertainment dehumidifier 

If you converted your garage into an entertainment room, you will need a dehumidifier to keep moisture levels low and protect your expensive entertainment system from moisture damage. A 45dB portable dehumidifier would suffice to keep a large garage moisture free without interfering with your entertainment.

4. Portability

Unlike conventional air conditioning units, modern dehumidifiers are designed to be lightweight and portable. It makes it easy to move the unit to any room that requires humidity control, which also saves you the cost of buying an extra dehumidifier. Moreover, units like the Morris dehumidifiers have wheels on the base for added mobility.

5. Easy to operate

The best dehumidifier garage UK comes with smart features for easy operation. Find a unit that has a bright and clear LED display that makes it easy to dial in the right settings even in areas with low visibility. In addition, choose a unit that comes with smart alerts to let you know when the inbuilt water tank needs emptying.

Most modern garage dehumidifiers can be configured to automatically come on when humidity increases and go on sleep mode when indoor humidity decreases. A unit like the 12L Morris Dehumidifier with Wi-Fi can be controlled remotely to set the running time, fan speeds, monitor humidity levels, and even give warning lights in case of a malfunction.

6. Drainage

Dehumidifiers pull moisture from the air and turn it into condensation. They have an inbuilt tank that collects water and this reservoir needs to be emptied after some time. It is why you should consider dehumidifiers with a 20L tank because they take time to fill up. Alternatively, find a unit that comes with a connecting hose to make work easier.


7. Air filtration

For a garage that already has a mould and mildew problem, it is best to get a portable dehumidifier with an inbuilt filtration system. Such a unit can filter out allergens as moist air passes through it and comes out as dry, cool air. This feature will be handy in preventing health issues caused by airborne allergens like mould.

8. Pricing

Ensure you get a high-quality dehumidifier with all the above features at an affordable price. A good unit with the right features should not cost you more than £150. Also, be always on the lookout for dehumidifiers that are on sale or discounted to help you save on pricing as well.



If you use your garage for storage or entertainment, it is important that you ensure these spaces are well ventilated. If your air conditioner cannot effectively control humidity in these two areas, then getting a portable dehumidifier makes more sense.

Always choose a garage dehumidifier that is portable and can control high humidity in your garage. In addition, choose a dehumidifier with a noise level below 45dB, which will be perfect for any room, including your bedroom or your conservatory.

Think of power consumption too when buying dehumidifiers. If you will be running the unit for more than 12 hours, ensure the dehumidifier consumes at most 378 watts or below. A 20L portable dehumidifier is great because it operates for hours before you empty its reservoir. For a more hands-free experience, consider a dehumidifier with an inbuilt drainage hose.

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