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5 Things To Remember Before Getting a Dehumidifier for Hallway (Nov 2023 update)

  • 14 Dec 2022

Where should you place your portable dehumidifier to increase its efficiency?


Placing your dehumidifier in a strategic location will not only increase its efficiency, but it will also reduce electricity costs in your home. So should you place your dehumidifier close to walls, and furniture, or do you opt for the dehumidifier hallway option?


Portable dehumidifiers have grown in popularity because of their small sizes and affordability. You can place them in the kitchen, bedroom, garage, attic, and practically anywhere you need to regulate humidity.

Morris dehumidifier in hallway

However, as many UK homeowners have discovered, randomly placing your dehumidifier in a room may not effectively control humidity. You may still battle high humidity, and your dehumidifier will work twice as hard to get the job done.


So, where should you place your dehumidifier?


One of the ideal places for setting up your portable dehumidifier is in the hallway. Placing a dehumidifier in hallway may not be practical for smaller spaces. However, there is a workaround for that, and we will mention it later.


Important factors to consider when determining dehumidifier placement include;

● Humidity level

● Size of dehumidifier

● Room size

● Airflow

● Drainage

Humidity level

A rule of thumb is to always place your dehumidifier close to the source of moisture. This will reduce running time and increase how efficient the appliance is in regulating high humidity. For smaller spaces, a great hack is placing a dehumidifier in hallway which is often the most central place in a house.


If the dehumidifier has enough power, it will regulate high humidity in the whole house as long as you keep the doors to all rooms open. It also reduces the need to move the appliance from one room to another to remove excess moisture.

Size of dehumidifier

Size is another important factor when considering a dehumidifier for hallway. As mentioned earlier, if you live in a small space, a large dehumidifier would look bulky if placed dead centre. As a workaround, always consider the design and dimensions of the dehumidifier relative to the size of your hallway.


For small hallways, a portable dehumidifier that is no larger than 30cm by 30cm in length and width would suffice; even better if the dimensions are smaller. A good example would be the Morris 12L Smart Dehumidifier, which measures 22cm by  25.5cm by 47cm. It is narrow enough to regulate humidity in the hallway and not get in your pathway.


The design of the dehumidifier affects its aesthetics when placed in the hallway. Besides a convenient narrow profile, Morris dehumidifier hallway units also feature an all-white body. The neutral colours complement the colour scheme of your hallway while keeping moisture at bay.

Morrs dehumidifier hallway


The hallway is one of the best places to set up a dehumidifier because of the ample airflow. Yet, your dehumidifier hallway can easily struggle to work if placed closer to walls or furniture. To prevent blocking the airflow vents of your dehumidifier, consider placing the appliance at least 30cm away from any walls or objects on all sides. It ensures enough air flows into the vents to filter excess moisture.


Hallways seldom have drainage outlets, so the chance of connecting a hose to your dehumidifier is slim. Unless it's a dehumidifier in a caravan, where you can drill an outlet for it if you want to. To be safe, always choose a portable dehumidifier with a tank capacity that matches the size of your space.


For example, if you are dealing with excess humidity in your home, you may want to consider something large like the Morris 20L Portable dehumidifier. Its 20L tank capacity is perfect for a hallway inside a 15to 25space.


Noise level

Hallways are open spaces that can have a lot of echoes. Placing a noisy dehumidifier in such a hallway would only transfer the noise to other rooms. So choose to put a dehumidifier in hallway that has minimal noise, preferably below normal conversation level which is rated at 60 dB.


As a benchmark, always aim for noise levels of 45dB and below when buying a portable dehumidifier. The Morris 36dB dehumidifier for hallway is perfect because it filters out moisture without interrupting your conversations, reading time, or sleep.


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What are you asking frequently about dehumidifier in hallway?

Can I put dehumidifier in hallway?

Yes, you can put a dehumidifier in hallway where there is ample air circulation. The free-flowing air makes it easier for the appliance to remove excess moisture while pumping out cool air.


Where is the best place to put a dehumidifier?

The best place to put a dehumidifier depends on the type of unit you are using. Most portable dehumidifiers hallway units run on refrigerants, and they work best in heated rooms. On the other hand, desiccant dehumidifiers are ideal when used in cold temperatures like outdoors in a garage or basement.

Morris ideal dehumidifier for hallway


Will a dehumidifier get rid of damp smell in hallway?

Yes, it can. Moist air traps odour, which is the reason damp areas smell bad. A portable dehumidifier will filter out the moist air with the odour. It then pumps out fresh cool air which reduces the damp smell.


When should you not use a dehumidifier?

Never operate a dehumidifier in cold temperatures. The moist air will freeze on the cooling coils, ruining the appliance. As a rule of thumb, always keep your portable dehumidifier running in favourable temperatures of 60℉ (15oC) and above.


Where you place your dehumidifier will determine how effective it is in reducing high humidity in your home. Place your dehumidifier in the hallway where there is an ample flow of air. Ensure the dehumidifier is compact enough to fit your space without appearing too bulky. Also, pick a dehumidifier with neutral colours that will complement the theme of your home.


Another thing to consider when getting a dehumidifier for hallway is tank capacity. A unit with a large tank capacity can run for hours before draining its reservoir. A bigger tank size also eliminates the need to connect a hose, especially for the dehumidifier hallway option.


Place the dehumidifier away from objects or surfaces to encourage airflow. Finally, invest in a silent dehumidifier that will effectively control high humidity without being too noisy.

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