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How To Keep Your Camper Dry and Mould Free With a Caravan Dehumidifier

  • 10 Dec 2022

Are you struggling with a leaking roof, condensation, or dampness in your caravan?


You are not alone. Moisture is an often underestimated threat to caravans, vans, cars and motorhomes. Yet, many caravan owners do complain of dampness or the air feeling sticky inside their home on wheels.


There is more than meets the eye when battling high humidity inside a caravan. The damage high humidity can cause in your motorhome goes beyond wet patches on the floor or walls. Many travellers have complained of black mould in van walls and floors, moisture damage on furniture, dampness or mould on fabrics, and a heavy musty smell that makes the caravan inhabitable.


Use morris dehumidifier for caravan to avoid mould


Purchasing a caravan is a huge investment that requires careful maintenance to keep enjoying the motorhome year-round. So when you spot the signs of excess moisture in your caravan, car, or RV, solve it immediately to avoid costly damage in future.

How do you dehumidify a caravan?

There are many ways to deal with excess moisture inside a motorhome. Let’s explore these:

1. Hanging dehumidifiers

One of the most common solutions is to be getting a hanging caravan dehumidifier. When considering a motorhome dehumidifier, the most affordable option is a hanging dehumidifier for caravan.

The hanging dehumidifier for RV is a unique approach that saves time and money. It consists of a small bag containing calcium chloride crystals or damp crystals and a small collecting chamber below the calcium chloride crystals.


Damp crystals control humidity by absorbing moisture in the air, which drains to the chamber below. These chambers usually have a collecting capacity of 180ml. Larger hanging dehumidifiers can collect more water in a day.

2. Disposable moisture absorbers

This is a solution similar to the hanging dehumidifiers, but in this way, the captured moisture can be seen inside the plastic container.

The crystals work by absorbing excess moisture in the air.


You can conveniently place a disposable caravan dehumidifier anywhere you want to control the humidity. These damp crystals work better where dampness is evident or in poorly ventilated spaces inside the motorhome.

The benefits of hanging dehumidifiers or disposable moisture absorbers:

1. They require no electricity, which helps save energy inside the camper van.

2. Secondly, they are silent and will effectively control humidity without disturbing the peace.

3. Thirdly, damp crystals are cheaper, and purchasing them in bulk can earn you discounts.


Hanging dehumidifiers and disposable moisture absorbers


3. Electric dehumidifiers

If you are battling high humidity in your car, van, or motorhome, hanging caravan dehumidifiers are a worthy investment. On the other hand, if you find yourself replacing these damp crystals frequently, your high humidity problem requires a powerful solution. They gather many advantages that we analyse in our article “13 Must-Know Answers Before Buying a Portable Small Dehumidifier”.

What is the best dehumidifier for a campervan?

The ideal humidity level inside a camper van is between 30% and 50%. Hanging dehumidifiers will work if humidity is slightly above 50%. However, if the relative humidity rises to 60% or 70%, the damp crystals may not suffice.


At this point, you will need something powerful to combat high humidity. This is where a portable caravan dehumidifier comes in handy to maintain the motorhome dry and mould-free. The type of motorhome dehumidifier you choose depends on the size and level of humidity in your camper van.

Desiccant or compressor dehumidifier for a caravan?

Portable caravan dehumidifiers are available in two types

● Desiccant dehumidifiers

● Compressor dehumidifiers

Desiccant dehumidifiers

Desiccant dehumidifiers use a desiccant wheel to trap moisture from the air and direct it to a collecting tank. They function well in cold areas where the temperature is below 20℃. Also, a desiccant dehumidifier for RV is effective when battling slightly high humidity.

Compressor dehumidifiers

Compressor dehumidifiers work like a fridge. They draw moist air from the environment and pass it through cooling coils. Moisture in the air condenses on the cooling coils and drips down to a collecting tank.


Compressor dehumidifiers have always won over desiccants. They are ideal for areas with high humidity, that includes caravans and camper vans. Although a compressor dehumidifier may not work as a car dehumidifier, you can still use one inside a garage where your car is parked. It will draw moisture from both the garage and inside your car.  


You can use a caravan dehumidifier while on the move or when the motorhome is stored and not in use. When used correctly, it will keep moisture at bay and extend the lifespan of your caravan. It all depends on if you choose the right one.


When picking a dehumidifier for caravan, pick one that is small enough to fit your motorhome. Caravans are notoriously limited in space, so a compact unit like the Morris 12L Dehumidifier would be ideal. It has a slim profile that would fit in corners or on tabletops to remove excess moisture. Alternatively, you could move it to the middle of the caravan for a few hours before tucking it away.


If your caravan is stored in a garage all summer, then you might want to get a dehumidifier for a garage to keep high humidity at bay. You will need something large like a 20L Morris dehumidifier to keep the garage and caravan dry. Ensure you leave the caravan door and windows open for proper air circulation.


Morris motorhome dehumidifier to avoid mould


Caravan dehumidifier? What else are you asking our customer support team?

What can I put in my caravan to prevent damp?

Dampness comes from excess moisture, which you can control with a dehumidifier. For high humidity in cars and vans that is slightly above 50% (the normal level, a hanging crystal dehumidifier will suffice. On the other hand, a 12L portable dehumidifier would be ideal for a large motorhome with the problem of excess moisture.


How do you dry out a damp motorhome?

Use a portable dehumidifier to get rid of excess moisture in your motorhome. Also, use a dry rug to mop any puddles on the floor or beads of water on the walls. For a stationary caravan, ensure you regularly leave the doors and windows open to improve air circulation. Unplug your fridge and leave the door open


Should you use a dehumidifier in a motorhome?

A caravan dehumidifier will keep your motorhome dry, preventing dampness and mould. Hanging dehumidifiers are ideal when dealing with humidity that is slightly above the normal range. However, if the relative humidity is above normal, and you can see signs of dampness, mould, mildew, and a musty smell, it’s about time you got a portable caravan dehumidifier.  



The best way to keep your caravan moisture-free is by getting a caravan dehumidifier. A motorhome dehumidifier comes in various shapes and functions, and whichever you choose determines how well you regulate high humidity in your motorhome. You can read our comprehensive blog on how to choose a portable small dehumidifier to get more tips on how to choose a caravan dehumidifier.

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