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What to Consider Before You Install a Dehumidifier in Bedroom (Nov 2023 update)

  • 09 May 2022

Poor indoor air quality could be the reason why you are not sleeping well at night. If humidity increases in the bedroom, it brings forth problems such as mould, mildew, and bacteria which affect our breathing and could cause further health complications. Fortunately, installing a dehumidifier in bedroom could change all that.


Dehumidifiers have come a long way from the bulky buzzing units we knew to modern, stylish and compact units that run silently in our rooms. Moreover, it is possible to add smart features to your humidifier for the best hands-free experience when controlling bedroom humidity.


But how do you know which dehumidifier in bedroom to install?


The dehumidifier UK market is laden with all sorts of options to reduce humidity in bedroom. Yet, since this is a lifelong investment, you have to determine your needs first before going window shopping.


And the tips below should help point you in the right direction.

What is the ideal humidity for your room?

High humidity tends to make a room feel warmer than it is. When humidity increases, our bodies struggle to regulate temperature through sweating. It is why your skin feels sticky, and your bedsheets drenched in the morning. You will also notice condensation on mould forming in your bedroom wardrobes and any other hidden space in your room.


Reducing the humidity in your room will restore the cool normal temperature in your room.


But how do you know when to regulate bedroom humidity?

Sign of high humidity in your home

Normal humidity levels will vary with regions. In the UK, normal humidity is somewhere between 30% and 50%. If you have a humidity sensor at home, the device will sound an alert if moisture levels in the air go beyond this mark. In other areas, high humidity is capped at 60%.


Alternatively, there are always those tell-tale signs when humidity levels rise beyond normal. One such indicator is when you notice condensation forming on your windows and walls.


You may also notice wet patches on walls or wood. When condensation occurs on wooden surfaces, it is likely to cause rot. Water patches forming on PVC surfaces will result in mould.


Mould spots are the most obvious sign of high humidity in your room. Mould and mildew if unchecked can cause breathing problems while you sleep, and possibly sickness. You need a dehumidifier in bedroom before your humidity situation escalates to health-threatening levels.


Now that you know how to detect humidity in your bedroom, how can you go about controlling it?

Types of dehumidifiers for bedroom UK

Generally, dehumidifiers fall into three categories;

● Refrigerant

● Desiccant

● Whole-house ventilation


Refrigerant dehumidifiers

Refrigerant dehumidifiers use a Refrigerant that cools a metal surface, onto which condensation forms. The condensed water droplets collect in a detachable tank that you empty once full. An inbuilt fan within the dehumidifier sucks in moist air, which is passed through the cooling plate. Water droplets condense and trickle down as moisture, while clean air is released back to the room.


Desiccant dehumidifiers

Desiccant dehumidifiers absorb moisture in the air using tiny crystal-like compounds known as a desiccant. The desiccant is inside an inbuilt wheel that turns as it absorbs moisture from the incoming stream. The warm air activates the desiccant, which begins to filter out moisture that collects in a tank. When the tank fills up, the water drains out through a tube.


A desiccant dehumidifier is ideal for areas with extremely low temperatures. However, a downside of these units is their high power consumption, which renders them impractical for everyday usage.


Whole house ventilating dehumidifiers

Whole-house dehumidifiers are larger units that are incorporated into the ventilation system of a house. They connect to existing duct work where the warm air passes, gets filtered and released on the other end with less humidity.  


Which is the best bedroom dehumidifier to get?

Whether to use a refrigerant, Refrigerant, or whole-house dehumidifier in bedroom all comes down to personal preference. But if you are still wondering which of the three would be best for your bedroom, we can give you a few ideas.


Every household wants to save energy while effectively lowering humidity levels. For that reason, running a desiccant dehumidifier may not be the best solution, especially if the unit will be running all night. While whole-house dehumidifiers do reduce humidity and save energy, they require professional installation to function properly.


Moreover, a whole-house dehumidifier remains stationary once installed. You will also need to add a high-quality air purifier to complement your existing whole-house dehumidifier. With the two combined, you do get quality indoor air, but with added costs.


The Refrigerant dehumidifiers are by far the best for your bedroom. They come with the following benefits that will be ideal for both small and large bedrooms.


Noise level

A dehumidifier for bedroom should filter excess humidity without disturbing your sleep. Always check the noise level of the dehumidifier, especially the Refrigerant dehumidifiers. The product will usually have the noise level stated on the package, which is measured in decibels.


Normal human conversations are at an optimal 60db, so what you are looking for is a dehumidifier that produces noises below that rating. A quality bedroom dehumidifier like the Morris 12L Silent dehumidifier produces a 36db noise level. The device will run silently through the night, ensuring you don't get bugged by the annoying odour of mould or develop allergies as a result.



Refrigerant dehumidifiers are compact and will fit any room. A stylish dehumidifier like the 12L 36dB Morris dehumidifier is small in size but can serve up to 3 bedrooms. It measures 28 by 32 by 53 cm, which means you can tuck it in one of your bedroom corners, and it will effectively filter out excess moisture.


The compact size also makes the unit portable. The Morris 12L dehumidifier weighs only 11 kg, which makes it easy to move around. It also features wheels at the base for easy mobility.


Automated features

Premium refrigerant dehumidifiers like the Morris line have smart features for controlling humidity. A typical Morris dehumidifier comes in three operation modes;

● Common

● Continuous dehumidify

● Sleep mode


The common-mode allows you to set optimal humidity in your bedroom. Once humidity drop to the desired level, the unit will automatically switch off to preserve power. The dehumidifier will automatically switch back on when humidity rises.


Continuous mode is perfect if you are living in a highly humid environment. This mode allows the unit to continuously filter humidity in your bedroom, ensuring you constantly enjoy clean air and prevent mould from forming on your wooden or PVC surfaces. It is advisable to add a drainage hose with this mode.


Finally, sleep mode is perfect for sensitive sleepers. This mode reduces the unit’s fan speed, which means less noise when you sleep. In addition, the unit will automatically switch off once humidity is effectively lowered.

Click to read more For more tips, check our comprehensive guide for buying a portable dehumidifier.



Get a dehumidifier for bedroom that not only reduces high humidity, but protects the environment while at it. Conventional refrigerant dehumidifiers used the R134 refrigerant, which was hazardous to the environment because it depletes the ozone layer. There are also health risks of inhaling R134 refrigerant, which may include narcosis, hallucinations, or disruption of the nervous system.


Fortunately, modern refrigerant dehumidifiers like Morris silent dehumidifiers use an eco-friendly refrigerant known as R290. R290 is gentle on your health and the environment. You never have to worry about poisonous leaks as the unit ages with time.



Get a dehumidifier that does not consume a lot of power, especially if you will be running it all night. The good thing about Morris silent dehumidifiers is they come with an automated feature that turns off the unit when there is no high humidity to control. Also, you can set the unit to run on low fan speed, which also saves on energy.


Also, always check the power rating of a bedroom dehumidifier before buying it. The more humid a room is, the longer the dehumidifier takes to extract moisture. Find a dehumidifier that uses less power during this extraction phase. 

For example, the Morris 20L Dehumidifier comes with a 4L tank capacity and uses 378 Watts of power. This unit can reduce humidity in bedroom or any other large room without using a lot of energy. 


Ease of maintenance

Proper maintenance of your dehumidifier ensures it runs effectively for years. Before you buy a dehumidifier, find out if parts of its components like the filters and collecting trays are easy to detach and clean. This makes it easy to clean any build-ups like dirt, debris, ice, and even mould that might be clogging the unit.


Zero night distraction

Get a bedroom dehumidifier that does not constantly flicker at night, which can disrupt your sleep. The best modern dehumidifiers in the UK market automatically switch off their LED control panel to reduce distractions. This feature adds to the unit’s quiet operation.



We hope this article answered all your questions about which dehumidifier for room to get. Get a dehumidifier with low noise levels to ensure your good night’s sleep is uninterrupted. Also, you want a dehumidifier that automatically turns off its LED indicators and comes with various operation modes to suit various situations.


We recommend one of our Morris silent dehumidifiers for bedrooms, wardrobe dehumidification, or any other small or large room in your home like your loft or kitchen. They are automated to run silently while filtering moisture, mould, and mildew from your room. 

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