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5 Things You Should Know Before Buying a Dehumidifier for Cold Conservatory

  • 29 Dec 2022

A modern conservatory or garden room is an amazing way to enjoy your outdoor space all year long, regardless of the weather outside. Spending time in a sunny, light-filled place may be a wonderful mood enhancer and gets your creative juices flowing. Yet in winter, conservatories can be cold and unbearable, which is why we bump up the heating to keep this favourite room in our home cosy.

Making your conservatory warmer in winter creates a temperature difference that encourages condensation. Excess moisture not only makes your greenhouse stuffy, but can contribute to the space feeling colder than usual. High humidity may also cause problems like mould, which is hazardous to your health.


A big challenge with keeping a cold conservatory warm is managing both heat and condensation at once. Fortunately, you can keep a cold greenhouse warm while avoiding high humidity using a dehumidifier for cold conservatory.

Are dehumidifiers good in conservatory?

Your conservatory should be a calm and pristine place where you relax and enjoy the beautiful foliage and natural ambient light coming in. When you notice any condensation forming on windows or walls, that is the first sign to get a dehumidifier.


Also, a conservatory dehumidifier is a good choice if you notice the following in your greenhouse;

● Mildew on walls

● Conservatory blinds mould issues

● Watermarks in hidden places on the floor

● Rot forming on wood beams or wooden floors

● Your conservatory wallpaper peeling off

● A musty odour lingering in your conservatory

Any of the above signs confirms a humidity issue in your conservatory. If nothing is done to contain the rising damp, irreparable damage may result, especially if you use your conservatory as a study, a lounge, or an extension of your dining room.

Morris energy efficient dehumidifier for conservatory to avoid mould

Condensation on walls or wooden floors will make your greenhouse feel colder than usual. Getting a dehumidifier for cold conservatory can help solve this problem. As you get rid of high humidity in your greenhouse, you reduce the chances of condensation settling on surfaces, which not only makes your conservatory feel colder but ends up causing damage as well.

Will a dehumidifier remove nighttime condensation from a conservatory?

During winter in the UK, It is not uncommon for nighttime temperatures to drop below the dew point. In addition, windows and doors to your conservatory will be closed to preserve warmth, which also can raise indoor humidity. While a slight increase in humidity is not a problem, excess moisture can end up causing serious moisture damage.


No one likes to wake up to a drenched floor, peeling wallpaper, or damaged furniture. Use a dehumidifier for cold conservatory at night to keep humidity low as you run your heater. In addition, leave your windows slightly open at night to allow ample circulation of air. It further prevents damp from forming.

What size dehumidifier for a 3m x 6m conservatory?

A 3m x 6m sized conservatory requires a large size dehumidifier to effectively manage humidity. The Morris 20L Conservatory dehumidifier can regulate moisture in a large greenhouse and ensure you enjoy this ambient room year-round. Also, a large capacity dehumidifier is recommended for highly humid conservatories.

Morris dehumidifier for cold conservatory

What size dehumidifier do I need for a conservatory?

Another thing to consider when choosing the right size dehumidifier for conservatory is energy efficiency. For a highly humid conservatory, you may need to run your dehumidifier longer whilst saving on energy. To achieve this, always check the power consumption of the appliance before purchasing it.


Typically, a 20L dehumidifier fit for a 3m by 6m conservatory uses as low as 378 watts of power to control high humidity. For smaller greenhouses, a 12L Portable dehumidifier using only 185 watts of power will suffice.

Will a dehumidifier work in a conservatory?

A dehumidifier for cold conservatory would work as long as your greenhouse is still in its pristine condition. Over time, your conservatory may get old and signs of wear and tear will begin to show. These signs will appear as follows;

● Gaps and cracks in the walls or roof

● Cracked or warped windows and doors

● Cracked, chipped, or damaged glass on windows or walls

● The sealant detached from the conservatory walls

If your greenhouse has any of the above wear and tear signs, it is likely letting in cold air during winter. Also, if it's humid outside, the excess moisture in the air will find its way into your conservatory. Repairing and revamping your greenhouse will help retain heat and prevent excess moisture as your dehumidifier for conservatory works more efficiently.

Click to read more Feel free to check our comprehensive dehumidifier buying guide for additional tips.

What is the best dehumidifier for a conservatory?

The best dehumidifier for cold conservatory should have enough power and capacity to regulate high humidity to the size of your greenhouse. Also, there are a couple of other things to consider before getting a greenhouse dehumidifier that is worth every penny. Those things include;

● Body design

● Drainage

● Automated features

● Dehumidifier refrigerant

Morris dehumidifier for conservatory


Body design

A compactly built dehumidifier for conservatory will sit snugly in any corner without taking away from the picturesque decor in your greenhouse. For instance, the smaller 12L Morris Dehumidifier only measure 2225 by 220 by 470 mm. The conservatory dehumidifier remains tucked in any corner and runs silently while you enjoy a favourite book or conversation with friends.



If your conservatory has a pristine wooden floor, the last thing you want is wet patches from an overflowing dehumidifier. Luckily, most modern dehumidifiers like the Morris Dehumidifiers have an inbuilt alarm to alert you when the tank is full. Alternatively, you could attach the provided hose to a drain outlet to prevent the dehumidifier from overflowing. It also allows you to run the dehumidifier for longer hours to contain increasing humidity.


Automated features

Besides an inbuilt alarm, you also want an energy efficient dehumidifier for conservatory with additional modern features to make life in your greenhouse easy. For a hands-free experience managing condensation in your greenhouse, consider getting a portable Wi-Fi dehumidifier. You will be able to set your desired humidity level, monitor your conservatory's moisture levels from any room, and set daily timers. You could also speak the instructions to your dehumidifier via a mobile app, all the while enjoying the cosiness of your greenhouse.


Dehumidifier refrigerant

To further reduce the cost of running a conservatory dehumidifier, choose a unit that uses refrigerant as opposed to desiccants. While desiccant dehumidifiers are great to run in low temperatures, they tend to use a lot of power. On the other hand, refrigerant dehumidifiers use less power to get the job done.


Portable dehumidifiers use a refrigerant, a liquid inside the cooling coils, that is used for the refrigeration cycle. When shopping for a dehumidifier, always remember that a unit that uses the latest refrigerant will be more energy efficient.

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