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What You Should Know Before Buying a Loft Dehumidifier

  • 09 Dec 2022

Whether you are reading a book, binge-watching shows, or retiring for the night, you want your loft to be a comfortable and peaceful place in your home. Yet, high humidity is a common problem that easily affects most lofts in UK homes. Fortunately, investing in a loft dehumidifier ensures you continue enjoying your attic even in the most humid months.


Why are lofts prone to moisture issues?


For one, most UK homes are insulated as a thermoregulation measure. While this keeps all rooms warm in colder months, moisture problems will suffice in the warmer months.


Lofts are separate rooms in your home and are often not included in your central heating and cooling plan. Therefore, should your loft be colder than the rest of your home, warm air that creeps in will form condensation on the loft walls and ceiling. In addition, most attics have poor ventilation, especially if they are used for storage.


Morris loft space dehumidifier to avoid mould


Can you put a dehumidifier in the loft?

A loft dehumidifier, much like a basement dehumidifier, aids in preventing condensation, dampness, and moisture damage in your attic. Moisture that is trapped in a loft can harm stored things and result in dampness, mould and mildew, bad odours, and property damage through rot. These issues can be avoided in houses and other buildings with the correct loft dehumidifier.


Are dehumidifiers good for attics?

A loft space dehumidifier is perfect for your attic when you choose the right one. When shopping for a loft dehumidifier UK, two things you need to consider are the size and dehumidifier capacity.


For a loft, a small 12L attic dehumidifier measuring 225 x 220 x 470 mm would be perfect. The compact size will fit snugly even in the smallest attic and will effectively regulate high humidity. If you converted your loft into an entertainment spot, then this dehumidifier operating at noise levels of 36dB would be silent enough not to interrupt your entertainment.

Morris loft dehumidifier uk to avoid humidity 

What size dehumidifier do I need for attic?

Smaller attics that are no more than 10would benefit from a 12L Dehumidifier. However, for lofts that are more than 25in size, you will need something bigger like a 20L portable dehumidifier. With a huge capacity, the dehumidifier can combat humidity without constantly emptying the dehumidifier or using up too much electricity.

How do I get rid of moisture in my loft?

1. With the right-sized portable dehumidifier, you can keep increased humidity at bay and enjoy your loft all year. If your attic is constantly humid, running a dehumidifier all day may seem effective, but it can be costly in the long run. Also, you may want to be around to empty the dehumidifier tank to ensure the unit continues running efficiently.


Fortunately, there is a workaround for that. You could get a portable dehumidifier with Wi-Fi that allows you to control your dehumidifier using a mobile app. Using your phone, you could determine when the dehumidifier comes on and off, depending on the level of humidity in your loft.  It is also voice control enabled for a hands-free experience.


2. Another way to prevent moisture in your loft is by improving ventilation. Open doors and windows to let in fresh air whenever you are using the attic. Also, if your attic doubles as a storage space, ensure you space out storage boxes and do not place items too close to the walls.


3. Finally, reinforcing your loft's insulation with a vapour barrier will prevent warm air from creeping in. Reducing warm air in a cold loft prevents the chances of condensation from forming.

Morris attic dehumidifier



We hope this blog answered all your questions concerning a loft dehumidifier.  For additional tips not covered in this blog, check out our comprehensive guide for buying a small portable dehumidifier.

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