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Morris 12L quiet dehumidifier

Morris compact, energy-efficient 12-litre dehumidifier is one of the quietest dehumidifiers of its kind on the market today. Producing just 36 decibels when on maximum speed, this quiet dehumidifier is the perfect dehumidifier for bedroom, bathroom and offices to name a few. You can ?set and forget? this quiet dehumidifier as it has a 12-hour timer function which can be set to turn off or come on as and when you desire.

Using just 185 watts of power, use the Morris 12-litre dehumidifier to dry your laundry, as it is a cost-effective solution to a tumble dryer. It also takes a similar amount of time! Simply set your dehumidifier up, ideally in an airing cupboard, attach the free continuous drainage hose and let the dehumidifier extract the water from your laundry and disperse through the hose into a sink, drain or bucket. You will hardly hear the almost silent dehumidifier working away in the background whilst you complete your daily tasks. 

Morris 12L dehumidifier for bedroom

There is an innovative three-light indicator which will tell you the level of humidity at a quick glance. When the light is blue this means the humidity is <45% (good), green means the humidity level is ?45% ?65% (ok) and finally if the red light displays then this means the humidity is >65%. We recommend that you set the desired humidity to 45%. Once the dehumidifier has lowered the humidity to the desired level, then it will turn itself off. If this level then rises above the desired humidity by 3% then this quiet dehumidifier with turn itself back on and continue the operation. 

Morris 12L quiet dehumidifier with drain cable Morris 12L quiet dehumidifier with washable filter Morris 12L quiet dehumidifier for bedroom only 36dB Morris 12L quiet dehumidifier with child lock

Continuously use this quiet Dehumidifier without emptying the tank!

Removable and washable filter, preventing the spread of harmful allergens.

Quiet Operation - Only 36dB

Child Lock to prevent any changes to the settings selected.

Simply attach the supplied hose to the water outlet at the back of the machine, so the water collected will bypass the tank and be drained through the hose and out into a plug hole or drain to prevent the need for emptying the tank. Just set the humidity required and let the machine get to work. At the back of the unit is an Antibacterial filter which is removable and can be washed and maintained, preventing the need of frequently replacing filters. Simply apply a vacuum to the filter and wash it with warm soapy water. When placed back on the machine, the filter will continue to collect any harmful bacteria or dust, which can often go unseen to the human eye. At just 36 decibels, this efficient yet quiet dehumidifier gets to work with little noise compared to many. Activate the sleep mode and the indicator light will switch off, and the fan mode will operate at low speed, allowing for a peaceful night's sleep knowing that the dehumidifier is working away in the background. If using the water tank, the alarm will not sound when full and will just quietly switch off ready for emptying in the morning. Activate the Child Lock from the control panel to prevent any of the settings from being changed by little fingers. We know spotting every intuitive moment can be hard at the best of times, but to give you a helping hand we have applied a Child Lock which will prevent any of the settings you have chosen from being changed without your consent.

Morris 12L quiet dehumidifier for a healthier environment

Perfect for Home use

Morris 12L quiet dehumidifier ideal for bathroom Morris 12L dehumidifier for bedroom wardrobe Morris 12L dehumidifier for bedroom Morris 12L quiet dehumidifier for garage use

Bathroom Dehumidifier

Wardrobe Dehumidifier

Dehumidifier for Bedroom

Garage Dehumidifier

The Morris 12-litre dehumidifier can be used as a fantastic bathroom dehumidifier. If you have little ventilation in your bathroom then this dehumidifier will extract the moist air build-up from either a shower or bath which will prevent a build-up of condensation and moisture. Prevent any musty damp smells from lingering on your clothes with this wardrobe dehumidifier. Let it work away in the background to extract any moisture and to keep a flow of air in your wardrobe. This dehumidifier has a sleep mode option which reduces the sound to a min 36 decibels, maintaining one of the quietest working dehumidifiers on the market today. This is why our 12-litre model is the perfect dehumidifier for bedroom. To prevent any mould or damp building up in your garage, you can use the Morris 12 litre as a garage dehumidifier to maintain a suitable humidity for areas which are used less frequently. You can easily move the dehumidifier into position using the easy glide wheels.

  Morris 12L dehumidifier Morris 12L smart dehumidifier Morris 20L dehumidifier
  Morris 12L Dehumidifier Morris 12L Dehumidifier with Wi-Fi Morris 20L Dehumidifier
Dehumidifying Capacity 12L 12L 20L
Recommend Room Size 10-20m² 8-12m² 15-25m²
Noise 36dB 36dB 45dB
Full Water Tank Capacity 2L 2L 4L
Washable Air Filter Yes Yes Yes
WiFi  No Yes  No
Timer function 1-12 hours 1-12 hours 1-12 hours
Continuous Drainage (Hose included) Yes Yes Yes
Fan speeds High & low High & low High & low
Dimensions (WxDxH) 225x220x470mm 255x220x470mm 237*342*570mm

Take a look of Morris 12L dehumidifier with Wi-Fi support

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Morris 12L Quiet Dehumidifier

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