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Stay Fresh ‘n’ Cool with the best air cooler dehumidifier

  • 26 Jun 2022

Don’t leave home without your “cool!” Whether you’re headed for a caravan holiday, or staying home this summer, being comfortable is a top priority. Some of us prefer a dry environment, while others want some humidity quotient to be added. A certain amount of humidity is essential for wellness and comfort. With summer temperatures spiralling upwards, the atmosphere inside our homes and offices gets soggy, muggy, and hot. Living near the sea increases the humidity in the room, and that’s where you need a dehumidifier. The ideal solution is to install the best air cooler dehumidifier available on the market today.


An air cooler is one of the most pocket-friendly and practical options you can think of. Traditional air conditioning systems are expensive and must be professionally installed. A portable air conditioner works best when you need an affordable cooling solution that comes without all the complications of installation. These air coolers are effective and won’t break the bank. They can be moved from room to room. You can carry them in your camper or caravan. If you live in a rental, they go with you when your lease is over. 


Morris the best home air cooler


A big advantage of choosing a portable air cooler and dehumidifier is that there is no installation involved. You can unbox it, plug and play the moment you bring it home. The unit comes with its own manual that tells you how to get started, the placement of exhaust vents, safety precautions, and maintenance tips. 



What Are Air Coolers?


You may have heard them being referred to as “swamp coolers” or “evaporative coolers,” as well as the conventional “air cooler.” These appliances cool the air through evaporation. This is one of the oldest methods known to human beings. Early humans discovered that the air that flows over water is much cooler. You can see and feel the same principle when we sweat. As water on the skin’s surface evaporates, it cools the body down. 


They function in a variety of ways. A misty spray is fanned into the room, where it swiftly evaporates, cooling the place. Another method is to drive air over a wet surface, such as a thin mesh, cooling pads, or sheets. 


Portable air cons are classified according to BTU (British Thermal Unit) per hour. The higher the BTU rating, the more cooling capacity that can be delivered. Larger rooms require higher BTU. 


These appliances are very useful because they prevent over-heating of the room, and you can avoid dehydration. People with asthma or respiratory allergies can benefit from installing an air cooler. It improves air quality by filtering out pollutants, pollen, and dust. 


You’ll have to change the water in the tank regularly. Air coolers are not effective in humid conditions. Some models can be noisy. Consider these factors when selecting a product for your home or office. 


Stay Fresh ‘n’ Cool with the Morris best air cooler dehumidifier


They may have a host of additional features, such as:


●     Thermostat

●     Sleep settings

●     Programmable timer

●     Reverse cycle

●     Self-evaporator

●     Automatic odour removal

●     De-humidifier

●     Remote control

●     Adjustable fan speed


Which Air Coolers Are Best For Home? 


Buying a portable air conditioner is a long-term investment. Keep these factors in mind when you begin your search for the best home air cooler:


  • Price: Costs vary depending on the size, cooling capacity and additional features.
  • Energy efficiency: Select a model that uses the latest technology for better performance and energy savings.
  • Maintenance: It should be easy to clean and maintain.
  • Noise: This is a very important factor. Since the entire body of the cooler is inside your room, there’s sure to be some sound level. Make sure you test run every appliance before you buy. Some models can be very noisy. Compare several models based on the decibel level.
  • Support: Ensure that you get good after-sales service.
  • Size: Accurately measure the available space in your room to get the appropriate BTU rating.
  • Style: Colour, shape and style are based on your own personal preferences.
  • Room Aspect: If your room gets a lot of natural sunlight and heat, select a model with a higher BTU.
  • Placement: Decide where your air con will be stored when not used. If you plan to move it from room to room, ensure that it can work well in each new location.
  • Ventilation requirements: Ensure that the appliance comes with a convenient window kit.
  • Drain system: An automatic drainage system will take care of draining away the condensate water.



How To Clean Air Cooler At Home


Keeping your air cooler in peak condition isn’t very difficult. This helps it to remain efficient and gives you the performance you expect. The exterior tends to be a magnet for dust and grime. If you use it in your kitchen, it’s sure to collect grease as well. The vents can get clogged with dust, preventing the appliance from giving you maximum cooling.  


A step-by-step cleaning process keeps your cooler at its best:


1.Disconnect the power: As an important safety measure, start by unplugging the appliance from the power source

2.Drain: Water may have collected in the water tank in some models. This is a breeding ground for insects, fungi and allergens. If you’re getting a dank odour from the cooler, it’s a sure sign that the tank needs to be cleaned. Drain the water and wipe with a sponge soaked in dishwash detergent. Wipe with a fresh damp cloth and dry thoroughly.

3.Cooling Pad: Remove cooling pads and check whether they are clean. You can use lime juice or vinegar to remove mould. 

4.Exterior cleaning: Remove accumulated dust. The outside can be kept tidy and neat with regular dusting with a soft duster. 

5.Deep cleaning: For more thorough cleaning, wipe with a damp cloth. The air vents can be cleaned with a soft brush. Avoid harsh cleaning products and chemicals. You can use a mild dishwash detergent well diluted with water. Clean all sides of the cooler.

6.Filter: Can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.


Morris the best-home air cooler cleaning


Once you’re done cleaning, ensure everything is well dried before reassembling all the parts. If you need professional cleaning, ensure that this won’t void your warranty. Cleaning should be done strictly according to manufacturer recommendations. 


Which Air Cooler Is Best For Home Use?


When you are looking to find the best air cooler dehumidifier, an important deciding factor is brand reputation. While several newer and cheaper manufacturers are entering the market, it’s wiser to opt for a reliable, well-established and reputed make. 


Our brand focuses on delivering high quality products and excellent customer service. We position our products at a sensible price point. 

It is our aim to create premium products and appliances that cause the least harm to the planet. 


We have several years’ experience in this sector and have a sturdy reputation for quality and support. 


Before you set out to purchase your cooler, take a while to analyse your own unique needs, preferences and budget. The best time to buy is when you don’t really need one! This may sound weird, but apart from off-season discounts, which are no doubt a big advantage, it gives you the time and flexibility to choose the perfect one. 


When you’re stressed, hot and sticky, your judgment is not at its best! That means you haven’t considered all the factors that you should have. You could be tempted to quickly pick the first one you find at the neighbourhood store, and hurry home to cool your room down. You could end up with worse problems than just a hot and sweaty day. 


Our portable Morris air con ticks all the right boxes. They are great looking, sleek and stylish, and blend easily into any style of interior décor. They have a host of features to enhance your comfort and convenience. Equipped with four wheels and a 24-hour timer, this model features an LED display and a fast drainage port to keep the evaporation cycle going smoothly. You will be delighted to find that they can be Wi-Fi app-controlled and have a remote control. We also offer a free air vent hose and window duct that make indoor installation easier. 


If you already have central air conditioning, portable units help spot cool a designated area. This means you can save on utility charges since you don’t have to cool the entire home when you’re in your den or kitchen. And when you want to move to another area of the home, a gentle push to help your cooler glide on its four caster wheels is enough. 


Look for a home air cooler with thoughtful features such as a child lock for safety. Though air coolers and portable air cons are known for being loud and disruptive, our products keep the sound level at a whispery 56 decibels that won’t cause a disturbance. 


The icing on the cake is the 24-litre built-in dehumidifier. It prevents dampness from building up and keeps allergens out. At a powerful 9000 BTU rating, this little wonder can cool any room up to 18 sqm. You can place it in your bedroom, kitchen, home office, or living room. Now, you are sure that you are ready to order the best home air cooler!


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