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Air Cooling vs Air Conditioning: 5 Reasons Why a Portable AC is Better

  • 30 Jun 2022

Air cooling vs air conditioning, which one is best for your home?


The debate between an evaporative cooler and an air conditioner is never-ending and gets a bit confusing for buyers looking for the best cooling solutions for homes, offices, or summer houses. In this blog, we tell you why an air conditioner is still a good option for cooling your home compared to an evaporative cooler.


Previously, air coolers were a ready solution over conventional air conditioning systems. They were inexpensive, portable, and energy-efficient. However, technology has advanced and today air conditioners like the Morris Direct portable air conditioners have a lot to offer compared to an average evaporative cooler-which is a glorified fan.

How effective are cooling fans vs air conditioning?

Although cooling fans and air conditioners serve the same purpose, they are pretty different in how they function.


How the evaporative coolers are working?

An evaporative cooler uses the science of evaporation, while an air conditioner uses a cooling coil filled with refrigerant.


In an evaporative cooler, hot air enters the unit and reaches an evaporation pad. This evaporative pad is constantly fed with water to keep it moist. As hot air goes through the pad, heat from the incoming air condenses as it comes into contact with moisture.


The temperature in hot air drops and comes out the other end as cool air, which is blown back out by a fan. The cooling effect is the same as placing a wet cloth on your forehead on a hot day-that's the technology behind evaporative coolers.


Air Cooling vs Air Conditioning - How the evaporative coolers are working



How the air conditioners are working

Air conditioners on the other end pass hot air through a cooling coil filled with refrigerant. As the hot air passes through the cold coil, heat from the air is absorbed by the cooling coils. The resulting air is colder and is blown back into the environment.


Air Cooling vs Air Conditioning - How the air conditioners are working


So, what makes an air conditioner better than an evaporative cooler?


1) Evaporative coolers only work in dry environments.

An air cooler will only function properly in homes with dry indoor air or low relative humidity. When humidity increases, the evaporative cooler will not be able to handle the increased moisture in the air. Also, you have to leave windows open to allow in a constraint stream of air for the cooler- if humidity is high outside as well, the evaporative cooler can't function optimally.


Air conditioners can work in any environment. They can provide cooling in dry or humid environments. Also, you can use a portable ac with your windows closed because it only requires existing air in your room.  


2) Air conditioners are multifunctional.

Another reason to clear the air cooling vs air conditioning debate is that air conditioners are multifunctional. Evaporative coolers only serve to cool a room-that's about it. On the other hand, modern portable air conditioners like the Morris Direct 9000 BTU portable air conditioner comes with an inbuilt dehumidifier and air purifier. They cool your room, reduce high humidity, and clear the air of allergens.


Air cooling vs Morris air conditioning to clear the air of allergens


3) Portable AC's are easy to operate.

Evaporative coolers require constant refills of water to keep them running. You have to do it manually, which can be tedious for people looking for convenience. Moreover, Air coolers require you to fill them up with water to operate. You may have to frequently refill the unit as the hot water evaporates and reduces inside the cooler.


Portable air conditioners are easy to install and operate. When plugged into a power source, you only need to set your preferred settings and leave the unit to run spontaneously. In addition, premier portable air conditioners like the Morris Direct 9000BTU portable AC have in-built Wi-Fi for remote connection.


4) Easy to customize

Using a convenient mobile app, you can customize your portable AC, determining when the unit turns on or goes into sleep mode. Also, the portable AC has an inbuilt 24-hour timer that makes it easy to monitor and cool your desired space.


5) Air coolers require constant airflow.

An Evaporative cooler needs constant air flowing from open doors or windows. This can prolong the cooling process, especially on a hot, humid day. Air conditioners can use flowing air or circulate indoor air for effective cooling. Mobile AC's also have an inbuilt air purification system to maintain quality indoor air even in closed spaces.

How do I choose a portable air conditioner?

When choosing a portable air conditioner, there are a few things to consider;

● Size

● Portability

● Energy consumption

● Noise level

● Size

Always compare the BTU rating of the portable air conditioner with the size of the room you want to cool. For example, A 9000 BTU portable air conditioner will serve large rooms up to 18m². Also, ensure the unit is not too bulky, and its dimensions allow it to fit snugly in your home.



A good portable AC is lightweight and easy to carry. Also, go with an air conditioner with bottom wheels for added mobility.


Energy consumption

Since you will be using your AC a lot in summer, you want a unit that saves energy while in operation.


Noise level

Always choose a mobile air conditioner that makes less noise while running. A noise level of 56db and below is conducive enough, even for a room with a sleeping baby. Check our recent air conditioner blog for additional tips for choosing the best quiet portable AC.


Air Cooling vs Air Conditioning quiet only 56dB


Smart features

Consider a portable AC with remote control features for a hands-free operation. Quality air conditioners today have Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connections and are operated using an intuitive smartphone app.

How to make a portable air conditioner colder?

Our Morris 9000 BTU Wi-Fi Air conditioner should be efficient in cooling any room that is between 12m² and 18m². Here are some air conditioner hacks that should help get any room cold fast enough, and also save energy and electric bills while at it.


Close all windows and doors

Cold air easily escapes out of open spaces like windows and doors. Leaving these points open could also cause your AC to work twice as hard to cool the room you are in. Closing windows and doors will help your AC cool your room faster and maintain optimal indoor temperature longer.


Fix air leaks

If doors and windows are closed, but the room is not getting colder, check for air leaks. Air leaks are tiny cracks on your walls and ceiling that allow hot air in or let cold air escape. Air leaks are also common in your indoor insulation, plumbing, vents, and around electrical conduits.


Ensure all air leaks are sealed using weatherstripping or caulking. Alternatively, use expandable spray foam to fill cracks and air leaks to improve indoor cooling. Use weatherstripping adhesive tape to seal off gaps around doors and windows, too.


Clean your AC

Proper maintenance of your portable air conditioner will ensure it runs efficiently. Over time, portable air conditioners can accumulate dirt in their vents, which can block airflow. Also, check for any build-up of debris within the unit that may affect its functionality.


Create a schedule for regular cleaning and maintaining your portable AC. Ideally, how frequently you use the unit determines the cleaning frequency.


Turn your AC on in advance

Turn the air conditioner on a few minutes or an hour before you use the room that needs cooling. The AC unit will use less power cooling an empty room than one with people in it. And once your portable air conditioner gets a head start. It will use less energy to maintain the ideal indoor temperature.


What we like about our Morris 9000 BTU portable air conditioner is that it comes with in-built Wi-Fi which allows you to control the unit via a mobile app. As long as you are connected to the internet, you can remotely switch on the portable AC and have it cool your space before you get home or go to sleep.


Air conditioner placement

Where you put the portable AC determines how fast the unit will be in cooling your room. In a room with adequate airflow, place the unit so that the flowing air works with it and not against it. Ideally, hot air should be feeding into the mobile AC and not blowing against it.  


Try and centre your portable AC in the room you are cooling so that cool air can circulate uniformly in the space. During summer, avoid placing the portable air conditioner in direct sunlight. Harsh direct sunlight can cause the unit to heat up and malfunction.


Always position your AC closer to a power source and avoid using extension power cords. If an extension cord is necessary, place it away from human traffic to avoid the line getting tripped and cutting power to the unit. And if you have a ceiling fan in the room, leaving it running helps circulate cold air faster.


Switch off heating sources

Switch off any heating source or appliance that emits heat like incandescent bulbs, kitchen appliances, your television, or your desktop computer. Your portable air conditioner will work twice as hard to counter the heat from these appliances.


Straighten the drainage hose

A twisted hose will not effectively drain residual water out of your portable air conditioner. Ensure the hose is properly installed and drains out of the room before switching your AC on.



We hope this blog cleared the debate between air cooling vs air conditioning. They both serve the same function, but portable air conditioners go the extra mile of functioning in humid environments, are more versatile, and require less supervision while operating. Moreover, premium mobile AC's run quietly and have smart features for easy operation.


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