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What You Should Know Before Getting a Kitchen Dehumidifier

  • 07 Dec 2022

The kitchen is one of the most moisture-prone areas in your home. Fortunately, a kitchen dehumidifier will not only keep high humidity at bay, but also prevents slime mould in kitchen. So, which dehumidifier is best for you?  


The ideal kitchen humidity levels UK fall between 40% and 50%, which is ideal for kitchen cupboards. However, extreme conditions, like humidity rising above 50%, can cause your cupboards to absorb more moisture than they should.

/Morris kitchen dehumidifier to avoid mould

If humidity levels remain high, say above 80%, it can cause the following issues;

● Wooden cupboards will swell and look deformed.

● Slime and mould will develop inside the cupboards.

● A musty smell will also develop due to mould and mildew.

● Cupboard items may get contaminated.

Morris dehumidifier for kitchen cupboards to avoid mould

Can you use a dehumidifier in a kitchen?

If you have been wondering how to deal with mould in kitchen, your best bet is to use a kitchen dehumidifier. You may be tempted to use an AC to make the air cooler, but it won't do much in getting rid of excess moisture. A portable dehumidifier for kitchen cupboards will reduce excess moisture and maintain optimal humidity. 


Remember, your kitchen has the highest humidity levels compared to your basement or living room. Using a dehumidifier helps provide an ample environment for cooking and protects your cupboards from damage. Read more about the use of a dehumidifier in the other rooms of your house.

What size dehumidifier do I need for my kitchen?

Choose a dehumidifier that can handle increasing moisture in your kitchen. For example, if the size of your kitchen is between 10m² and 20m², a 12L portable kitchen dehumidifier would be enough to manage high humidity while only consuming 185 watts of power. For a kitchen with constantly fluctuating humidity levels, a 12L portable Wi-Fi dehumidifier would suffice. The Wi-Fi connection allows you to remotely monitor and control rising humidity on your phone.

Where should I put my dehumidifier in my kitchen?

For humidifiers to regulate moisture in air uniformly, there must be sufficient ventilation. For this reason, do not place the dehumidifier close to walls or any object that will block the vents. Ensure the dehumidifier is a few inches away from any surfaces on all sides for optimal functioning.


In addition, if you have a big kitchen, placing the dehumidifier in a central location will ensure equal moisture regulation. A kitchen that is over 25m² in size will require something bigger like a 20L kitchen dehumidifier to maintain optimal relative humidity. Also, avoid placing your humidifier near any windows or air vents, as these tend to affect the humidity readings.

Use Morris kitchen dehumidifier to avoid mould

How do I reduce moisture in my kitchen?

Besides using a portable silent dehumidifier to manage high humidity, there are other ways to keep moisture in your kitchen at bay. These tips will also help if you are wondering how to remove mould in kitchen.

1. Turn on the exhaust or ceiling fan to keep air circulation while cooking. It prevents moisture from accumulating in one place.

2. Wipe wet surfaces to prevent water and increase moisture levels in the air. Wet rags, towels, and mats should be hung out to dry.

3. Ensure the windows and doors remain open to improve ventilation in your kitchen.

4. Consider adding house plants as part of your kitchen decor. Plants absorb moisture in the air, which helps reduce humidity levels.


There are a few things to consider before getting a dehumidifier for kitchen cupboards:

  • First, determine if you have high humidity problems to warrant the use of a kitchen dehumidifier.
  • Secondly, choose a dehumidifier that matches the size of your kitchen. 
  • Thirdly, ensure you have the unit placed at a strategic place where it will regulate high humidity without any restrictions in airflow.
  • Place the dehumidifier away from windows to minimize false humidity readings.
  • Finally, reducing moisture levels in your kitchen can reduce dehumidifier running times, hence minimizing power consumption.

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