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10 Reasons Why You Must Have a Desk and Pedestal Fan in Your Home (March 2024 update)

  • 14 Jun 2023

In our day-to-day lives, having a comfortable living or working environment is essential, especially if we work from home or spend endless hours in our businesses. While there are so many cooling options available today, one of these options stands out for its versatility, and that is the good old desk and pedestal fans.


Desk and pedestal fans are becoming popular for both residential and commercial usage. They are compact, provide adequate airflow, and are a common addition in most homes and businesses. Investing in a high-quality pedestal fan is a smart choice because not only does it keep your home comfortable, it can enhance productivity at work too.


Morris desk and pedestal fans 


Read on to discover how the unassuming pedestal fan can improve your living or workspace, providing a cool oasis that is divine, especially in those scorching summer months.

Do pedestal fans use a lot of electricity?

Compared to a ceiling fan or central air conditioning, desk and pedestal fans use less electricity. Yet, how much electricity pedestal fans consume depends on various factors;

● Size of the fan

● Power rating

● Hours in use

● Rotation speed

● Long-term usage


Size of the fan

Pedestal fans come in various sizes to suit different applications. For instance, a 16-inch pedestal fan will use less power compared to a 20-inch fan. Choose a fan size that complements the room you are in—a smaller fan for smaller rooms and a bigger one for large spaces.


Power rating

Most desk and pedestal fans usually have a power rating between 30 watts and 100 watts. It is rare to find a pedestal fan rated higher than 100 watts, even for an industrial pedestal fan. The higher the power rating, the more energy consumption the fan has. But even with a higher power rating, you won’t notice that big of a difference in your monthly energy bills.


Hours in use

How long you run your pedestal fan determines how much power it consumes. You can expect the fan to use more energy on a hot summer day as opposed to a cold, crispy winter. Also, consider other factors like humidity; a pedestal fan will work more in a highly humid room compared to a room with low humidity.


Rotation speed

Energy usage will increase when a fan rotates at higher speeds. Most pedestal fans have three to four fan speeds to suit different environments. When the room is cool enough, setting the fan on low speeds helps maintain the optimal temperature while reducing energy consumption. Sometimes a high fan speed helps cool a room faster, after which you can switch it off to save energy. Always determine the best fan speed for a room while considering the unit's power usage.


Long term usage

As with all things electronic, long-term usage invites some wear and tear. A pedestal fan made from cheap materials will wear out faster and experience reduced efficiency. Faulty internal components can cause a fan to use more energy than usual. Always choose desk and pedestal fans made from durable materials like aluminium.


Morris desk and pedestal fans for the living room


Which pedestal fan is the best in the UK?

What is the best pedestal fan brand?


Today, the UK appliance market is flooded with all kinds of pedestal fans for homes and industrial places. It gets confusing knowing which one to pick, however, the tips below should guide you in knowing “Which pedestal fan is best?”


Brand reputation

Always do prior research on the brands you want to buy from. Find out if the brand produces reliable and durable products that resonate well with the customers. Check if the brand has an existing online shop where they showcase their products. Check the product reviews left by other customers to gauge if the brand is trustworthy.


Although there are many industry-leading appliance companies in the UK, there is no harm in trying a pedestal fan from an up-and-coming brand. If the brand delivers on quality, durability, and affordability, then give it a try.


Airflow and power of the fan

How much power and airflow capacity a pedestal fan has determines its performance in a given room. As a rule of thumb, always go for a higher airflow rating and power capacity if you are cooling a large room, and vice versa for smaller spaces.



The best desk and pedestal fans today can be used in various settings. It can function as an ideal desk fan that is wall-mountable as well. Also, highly versatile desk and pedestal fans are height adjustable and can be used for domestic and industrial use.


Energy efficiency

The best brands for pedestal fans make high-performing products with low energy consumption. More on this when comparing pedestal fans to normal fans.


Easy maintenance

Pedestal fans gather dust and dirt over time and require regular cleaning. Buy from a brand whose products are easy to clean and maintain.

Is a pedestal fan better than a normal fan?

A pedestal fan is better than a normal fan in so many ways. It is portable, distributes


Airflow distribution

Pedestal fans have better air distribution compared to normal ceiling fans. A ceiling fan has smaller blades that limit the even distribution of cool air in a room. Ceiling fans only get cooler when you are standing right below them. They are not as reliable in extremely hot weather.


A pedestal fan has better airflow distribution. It has wider fan blades that can be 16 inches or 20 inches, which are sufficient for both residential and commercial cooling needs. A high-quality 20-inch pedestal fan with an airflow rating of 3450 CFM and fan speeds of up to 1350 cools a large space better than several ceiling fans.



Another reason to get a tall fan for home or commercial use is its adjustability. A high-quality tall fan on a pedestal is height adjustable and can be used on a desk or the floor. Some adjustable pedestal fans also come with wall mounting brackets, allowing you to angle them on any wall and focus cooling on a particular area.


Some floor fans make up for the lack of height by having an adjustable tilt head. The tilt head is adjustable at a 120° angle, allowing you to direct airflow where you need it. 



Ceiling fans remain stationary for the duration of their usage. A pedestal fan is different because you can place it on the floor or wall-mount it. The fan is built from lightweight, durable material, which makes it easy to move the fan around whenever you want. These fans feature rubber feet to keep the fan stationary even when the blades are rotating at high speed. Some floor fans have an in-built carry handle for easy portability.


Great for small spaces

Ceiling fans will only work best in a well-spaced and properly ventilated room. In tightly closed spaces, a ceiling fan will struggle because it mainly circulates existing warm air. The beauty of a pedestal fan is that you can move it around or angle it next to an incoming draft to blow the cold air into your room. This works even in small spaces.

Noise level

Ceiling fans can be noisy and tend to disrupt your conversations or make it hard for you to sleep at night. Desk and pedestal fans are quieter and produce noise levels as low as 58 dB for residential pedestal fans and 70 dB for industrial versions. These noise levels are low enough not to disrupt your sleep or business meeting.


Morris quiet desk and pedestal fans


What is the point of a pedestal fan? 10 Reasons to Get One

Do you still need to invest in desk and pedestal fans? Here are 10 benefits you will enjoy when you get a pedestal fan for your space or business.

1. Temperature Control

A desk or pedestal fan is effective for temperature control and can be an ideal substitute for air conditioners. The fan is movable and can be angled to direct and circulate air in any part of a room. Doing so creates a cooling breeze that is evenly distributed in a room. Pedestal fans work better for temperature control compared to conventional cooling methods, especially in hot summer months.

2. Energy Efficiency

Compared to air conditioners, desk and pedestal fans are much more energy-efficient. They consume significantly less electricity while still providing a cool and refreshing breeze, helping you save on energy bills. Custom features like varying the fan speed and angling the fan to direct cold air help push costs down as well. 

3. Versatility

Desk and pedestal fans are highly versatile in terms of placement. They are an easy replacement for ceiling fans because you can place them on the floor, on a desk, or wall mount them to provide cooling. They have carry handles and have a wide tilting angle to evenly distribute cool air in a room. Most modern pedestal fans can function as home and warehouse fans.


4. Noise Level

If you are going to use a fan in your room or office for long periods of time, you want it to run quietly in the background as you go about your day.  A ceiling fan produces about 70 dB of noise, and it can be more with wear and tear in the long run. A pedestal fan used in the same room only produces 58 dB, which is below the normal conversation noise level of 60 dB. Such a tall fan would be perfect for providing a gentle white noise that promotes better relaxation and sleep.

5. Affordability

Desk and pedestal fans are more affordable if we compare them to conventional cooling systems like ceiling fans and central cooling systems. A high-quality 20-inch fan would cost no more than £60. You can get one or two standing fans as a cost-effective solution for keeping your home cool. It saves you money in the long run when you don't want to invest in a central air conditioning system.

6. Air Circulation

Proper air circulation is essential for maintaining a fresh and healthy indoor environment. Desk and pedestal fans help improve air circulation by preventing stagnant air, reducing stuffiness, and preventing the buildup of odours and airborne allergens. For better air circulation, prefer an oscillating fan.

7. Customisable Cooling and Easy Maintenance

Ceiling fans pick up dirt and dust over time and can be hard to clean in their fixed positions. Pedestal fans are lightweight and easy to clean with a damp cloth. Wipe the main body, grill, and base with a wet cloth to remove debris, and the fan is good as new!

8. Easy Installation

Desk and pedestal fans require minimal installation. They are typically plug-and-play devices that don't require any complicated setup. You can start enjoying the cool breeze right away. Without the need for professional installation or extensive modifications to your home.

9. Backup Cooling Option

A pedestal fan is an ideal backup cooling solution in case your portable AC or central cooling system is out of order. Pedestal fans can use as little as 40 watts of power to reliably blow cool air into a room, with an airflow efficiency of up to 3450 CFM. In addition, quality pedestal fans have multi-speed settings for different cooling needs; whether you want a gentle breeze or a high-velocity draft, a pedestal fan has you covered.

10. Health Benefits

Besides making your home comfortable, desk and pedestal fans offer some health benefits. They help improve ventilation and, to some extent, reduce the levels of airborne pollutants in your home. Additionally, the cooling effect can alleviate symptoms of heat-related illnesses, such as dehydration, fatigue, and heat exhaustion.



Overall, desk and pedestal fans are important as an effective and versatile cooling solution for both homes and commercial places. Unlike ceiling fans, pedestal fans are portable and can be moved around to any room or used between rooms. You can also angle the fan head to provide a focused airflow, which is a plus. In addition, pedestal fans are affordable and cost-effective to operate in the long run.


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