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Morris 2ft tubular electric heater

It can get quite chilly in your garden room without the best heating solution. Fortunately, our 2 ft tubular electric heater is perfect for garden room heating. Alternatively, you could use it to warm up your summerhouse, outdoor hobby room, log cabin, or garden office.

Morris 2ft garden room heating specifications
When choosing a tubular electric heater, there are a couple of things to consider;
● Size
● Installation
● Energy efficiency
● Durability
 ● Cost

Morris 2ft ideal for garden room heating or shed Morris 2ft tubular heating safe for any space Morris 2ft tubular electric heater available sizes

Easy installation

Energy-saving tubular electric heater

Compact design

It only takes minutes to install and use our Morris 2ft tubular heater. The heater comes with two mounting brackets for a hassle-free installation. You can mount the brackets on walls, floors, or surfaces like your under desk or inside your cabinets. Once installed, snap the tubular heater in place and plug the electric cable into any available power source. That's it! You do not need to hire an electrician or buy expensive equipment to install our 2ft tubular heater. Moreover, the brackets are easy to disassemble, making it easy to move the heater to whichever room you want to warm up. Our 2ft Morris tubular heater only uses 120 watts of power, making it highly energy efficient. It also comes fitted with a thermal cut-out that stops the unit from overheating and saves energy. Install several of our 2ft tubular heaters to enjoy even further energy savings in your garden office, home studio, or hobbyist room. Morris 2 ft tubular electric heaters fit the bill if you are looking for efficient background heating in your hobby room or garden office. The tubular design is compact enough to be used as an under-desk heater in your garden office. You could also mount a couple of these heaters on the walls or floors to provide ample heating for your log cabin or outdoor hobby room. The heater remains out of sight while providing adequate heat to your garden room.

Morris 2ft tubular electric heater IP55 water resistant

Durable heating solution

Most heating solutions eventually become less effective due to wear and tear. Our 2ft tubular electric heater has an IP55 rating, making it ideal for outdoor and indoor use. The heater features a tough outer cover that withstands impact and protects the electric components inside.

Inexpensive heater

Enjoy looking for an inexpensive way to heat your garden room? This Morris 2ft tubular heater costs way less than other electric heaters. You get the best heating in the cold months without breaking the bank.

Morris 2ft garden room heating ideal for shed Morris 2ft greenhouse tubular heater Morris 2ft Ideal for garden room heating Morris 2ft tubular electric heater ideal for bathroom

Tubular electric heater for shed

Greenhouse tubular heater

Ideal for garden room heating

For bathroom use

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  Morris Tubular Heater 1ft Morris Tubular Heater 2ft Morris Tubular Heater 3ft Morris Tubular Heater 4ft
Watt 60 120 180 240
Easy fit brackets for wall or floor
IP55 Water-resistant
Thermal cut (overheating protection)

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Morris Tubular Heater 2ft/120 Watts

  • Brand: Morris
  • Product Code: MOR-TBH-2FT
  • Availability: In Stock
  • £22.99

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