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7 Ways To Use A Tubular Heater (June 2024 update)

  • 01 Aug 2022

Are you looking for a quick, reliable, and inexpensive way to provide heating to your bedroom, garden shed, office, or use it as an airing cupboard heater?

What you need is a tubular heater. Compared to central heating systems, tubular heaters provide a flexible and affordable way to heat any place you want.


Why are tubular heaters more efficient?

Tubular heaters are widely used in commercial industries for heavy-duty applications. They are mostly straight but can be moulded to any shape to suit different applications. In addition, industrial tubular heaters are available in various lengths and wattages.



Industrial tube heaters are used for air heating and immersion heating. Tubular heaters are reliable because of their robust construction and high resistance to oxidation and corrosion. They are designed to withstand various harsh conditions, which makes them very durable. Tube heaters are very adaptable, which is why they are used in domestic applications too.


A domestic tubular heater is a lot smaller compared to the industrial variant, but still as efficient. It has similar advantages;

● Flexibility

● Durability

● Affordable

● Low power consumption


Why choose tubular heaters?

The applications for tubular heaters are endless. These heaters have a narrow design and are available in varying sizes, from the 1-foot tubular heater to the 6 feet heaters. This makes them very flexible to use in any situation. You can mount the tubular heater on a wall or fix them in narrow spaces using the special mounting brackets they come with.


In addition, most tubular heaters sold in the UK market have a rating of IP55 for durability. This rating means that the appliance can maintain peak performance even in the toughest weather. Tubular heaters are ideal for battling any tough conditions the British weather can offer.


Modern tubular heaters offer an affordable solution for providing heating where it is needed. These heaters can cost as little as £18 for a 1-foot heater and £30 for large 6-foot units. At such affordable prices, you get the convenience of fitting multiple heaters in your home without breaking the bank.


More homeowners are now turning to tube heaters because of their low power consumption. A single tubular heater can consume between 60 watts and 240 watts, which is still low compared to conventional heating solutions.

How can you use a tubular heater?

Tubular heaters have a variety of applications given their small and compact sizes. You can use them in your garage, basement, garden office, store rooms, greenhouses, and any other room in your house.


1. Protection from frost

Greenhouse owners can use tubular heaters to manage frost in winter. You can install several heaters in the greenhouse to maintain the ideal temperature for your plants. Moreover, modern tubular heaters have a self-regulation system that prevents them from overheating.  This is a great feature if you are growing temperature-sensitive crops in your home garden.


2. Prevent damp and mildew

You can install tube heaters in those areas that don't get much heat from your central heating unit. These areas, if left unattended, can become damp and develop mould or mildew. Tube heaters can be installed in those areas to provide background heating. It can be your garage, where you keep your classic room, or that extra storage room where all your camping gear is. Αnother very good idea that many of our customers apply is to use it as a wardrobe heater!

Morris tubular heater for garage


3. Keep your property pristine

Tube heaters can be used to keep your property in good condition, especially in cold and wet weather. You can install a tube heater in your tool shed to keep your tools clean and rust-free whenever you are not using them. You could also use tube heaters to maintain ideal temperatures in your summer boat and prevent the interior from developing a musty smell.


4. Preserve your cellars

Winemakers can use tubular heaters to keep mould away from their cellars. Wine cellars don't get much heat and the dark environment also encourages mould growth. Mould is easy to control if it's on the walls alone. However, if mould or mildew sets on the bottle labels, they can cause irreparable damage. Luckily, tubular heaters help prevent that.


5. Keep your dog warm

Tubular heaters are small enough to fit inside your dog's kennel. It makes it easy to keep your pup warm and toasty when it gets too chilly inside the kennel. Moreover, tubular heaters in the UK have a special insulating layer that will protect your dog from any accidents.

Morris tubular heater for dog kennel


6. Maintain your attic

The attic is another often overlooked area when providing heating in our homes. However, keeping the temperatures in your attic at optimal levels will help preserve all your storage items. It prevents mould and mildew from ruining your storage boxes and the items stored inside. Also, a musty smell from the attic can easily linger in the rooms below if mould is allowed to set in.


7. Keep your bike sheds toasty

Tired of fixing rusty components on your bicycle? Condensation is the main reason your bikes are succumbing to rust. When your bikes are not in use, especially in winter, you can store them in a heated shed using tubular heaters. This will keep condensation away and ensure your bicycle will be fully functional the next time you use it.

How do you install a tubular heater?

It is more convenient to install a tubular heater in a horizontal position using the mounting brackets it comes with. Also, ensure you follow the installation guide provided for the best results. It is not advisable to install tubular heaters in a vertical position, as this will affect their function.

Can I use an extension lead with a tubular heater?

It is not advisable to connect a tubular heater to an extension lead because of the risk of overloading the lead. If the thermal appliance has more power than the extension lead can hold, the plug can overheat and catch fire. And this is dangerous for your home or office.


However, if you have to use an extension lead to direct power to your tube heater, always check the power rating on the lead itself. Moreover, check how much power a tubular heater uses before connecting it to an extension lead.


Fortunately, our 1-foot and 2-foot Morris tubular heaters UK can be used with extension lads. They provide ample heating to your cupboards, garden sheds, or bedrooms while consuming power as low as 60 watts and 120 watts, respectively. Ensure you do not connect other devices to the same lead to prevent power overload.  


Also, another benefit of our Morris tubular heaters is that they have an inbuilt thermal cutout. In the event of an overload on your lead, this feature will cut power to your heater, protecting it from overheating and also preventing a fire in your home.  


As an added precaution, always calculate the potential load of multiple devices before connecting them to your extension lead.


How much does a 1-foot tubular heater cost to run?

1-foot tube heaters are great when you want to provide heating to your garden shed or summer house while saving on electricity. It is economical to use a 1-foot tube heater compared to relying on your central heating system.

Morris tubular heater with low power consumption


The Morris 1-foot tubular heater only uses 60 watts of power to run, which is smaller compared to large heaters that can consume up to 300 watts. If the average price of electricity in the UK is 18.9 pence per kWh, a 1-foot tubular heater would use 1 penny per hour of electricity. Therefore, it will only cost you £0.27  to operate the heater for a day.


Like all other Morris tube heaters, this model has a thermal cutout as well, which regulates power intake to prevent overheating. This helps in further reducing operating costs.

Is a 80-watt tubular good for airing cupboard heater?

Yes, an 80W heater is ideal for small spaces like inside cupboards and under the desk. The Morris 1-foot tubular heater with a 60-watt power consumption is perfect for your cupboard. It produces enough heat to protect your cupboards from damp, mould, or mildew while keeping power consumption low.


A 60- to 80-watt tube is recommended for airing cupboard heater in winter. You can keep the heater running for hours and still pay low electricity bills at the end of the month.

Morris tubular heater for shed



A tubular heater is a convenient and affordable solution for heating our homes in the winter. These heaters are compact and lightweight, which means they can fit even the tightest of spaces to provide heating. Besides having a compact body, tubular heaters in the UK are very hardy and can provide ample heating under harsh conditions.


You can install the Morris tubular heaters in your garage, basement, wine cellars, and hobbyist rooms. Heaters like the 1-foot tubular heaters are perfect for tight spaces such as cupboards or under the desk. Also, these heaters are installed horizontally on your ceiling or walls and still provide uniform heating to the whole area.


If you are thinking of reducing the cost of heating your home, replace your conventional heating system with tubular heaters in the UK. These tube heaters use 240 watts of power or less, which translates to reduced electricity bills each month. You can run several of these heaters a day and still not break the bank.





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